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Industry NewsDaily application and maintenance of manual welding machine

Welding is a manufacturing technology that permanently connects materials and becomes a structure with a given function. For example, manual welding machines have penetrated into all areas of the manufacturing industry, directly affecting the quality, reliability and life of products, as well as production costs, efficiency and market response speed.

Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the daily application and maintenance of the manual welding machine:

1. Simple operation, multi-purpose in one machine. In addition to the surfacing repair function, it can also strengthen the surface coating of cemented carbide such as tungsten carbide.

2. Don't put it in a humid place,

3. The source of welding wire for manual welding machine is wide, economical and practical, the whole machine is about 30KG, and it can be repaired online.

4. When the manual welder is welding in rainy weather, pay attention to good grounding, and try not to outdoor welding

5. In a dusty working environment, air compressors are often used to blow dust and remove dust.

6. Rotary self-destructive electrode deposition surfacing welding, easy to operate, high efficiency of manual welding machine.

7. Pure metal repair, no welding repair trace, welding repair effect meets quality inspection standards.

8. Environmental protection and pollution-free. No harmful gas is generated, it can be directly held by hand, can be seen by eyes, and the welding position is accurate, the welding point is small, and the amount of repair after welding is small.

9. After the welding machine is used, turn off the power.

In summary, the relevant application and maintenance measures of manual welding machines. The country attaches great importance to the development of Shenzhen sauna welding technology. They hope to use manual welding machines to improve product quality, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, so as to compete with countries with relatively low labor costs. This is a strategic approach.
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